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“Good News”

April 11   Jesus is Good News!   sermon video   audio


Palm Sunday/Easter

April 4   Deliverance, He is Risen!  sermon video   audio

March 28   The King We Want or The King We Need   sermon video   audio  


“The Minor Prophets: Clearing the Rubble”

March 21  Malachi: The Final Building   sermon video   audio  

March 14   Zechariah: The True Foundation   sermon video   audio  

March 7   Haggai: It’s Time to Build   sermon video   audio  

February 28   Zephaniah: The Day of the Lord   sermon video   audio  

February 21   Habakkuk: Waiting for Justice   sermon video   audio  

February 14   Nahum: God Loves His People (Aka: Why Is God So Angry?)   sermon video   audio   Sunday School video

February 7   Micah: God Loves the Oppressed   sermon video   audio   Sunday School video

January 31   Jonah: God Loves Your Enemies   sermon video   audio   Sunday School video

January 24   Obadiah: They Got What Was Coming to ‘Em!   sermon video   Sunday School video

January 17   Amos: God Responds to Injustice   sermon video audio  Sunday School video

January 10   Joel: Choose Now   sermon video audio  Sunday School video

January 3    Hosea: Faithful Love   sermon video  audio  Sunday School video