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2012 Sermons

June 10                 Strength in Hardship: The Discipled Discipler

August 19             Fear and Its Responses


2013 Sermons

January 27            Spiritual Moments Versus True Faith

February 2            Did You Learn To Love?

March 19              Renewed By the Discipline of Fasting

May 5                    Seeing the Glory of God

June 13                 What Are You Looking At?

November 17       Promises: Trusting The God Who Raised The Messiah From The Dead


2014 Sermons

January 12           What Did You Do With Your Gifts?

April 27                 The Voice of the Shepherd, How Do You Know that You Know


2015 Sermons

July 26                   The Authority of Jesus

August 2                When Death Seems Better Than Life

September 15       How Do We Make Disciples?

September 27      The Humility of Prayer

December 27       The Slow Death of Community Pt. 2


2016 Sermons

January 31           God’s Power of Attorney

April 24                The Perfect Pastor

August 28            The Ripple of Repentance

October 16          Treating Children Like Jesus