Our Beliefs

We all mess up—no one denies that.  So what can we do about it?  We want to have a friendship with God, but the God who made us is perfect–so perfect that He can’t even be in the presence of anyone who isn’t also perfect.  Sounds impossible, right?

That’s why Jesus is so important.  Jesus is God’s son, a part of God Himself.  Jesus gave up the rights of being God and became a human just like us.  He lived alongside of people just like us and He showed them a better way.  He lived as an example of how to relate to one another and to God.

Jesus took it one step further—He made the greatest sacrifice possible; He died a horrible death to take the punishment for everything we’ve ever done wrong.  He stepped into the line of fire and took our bullet.  Then, to prove that He broke the chains that keep us from living in a way that pleases God, He miraculously returned to life again.  He’s still alive today, and because of what He did, we can have a friendship with God.

That’s where our part comes in.  If we admit that we’ve done wrong, accept that Jesus is God and died in our place, and we decide to follow His example, we begin to live life the way God intended when He first created us.  We treat others with love and respect, and we, like Jesus, can make a difference in the world around us.