Information for ReGathering

These are revised guidelines from Church Board for in person activities as of September 1, 2020.

Swamp Mennonite Church
Guidelines During COVID-19 Pandemic
9/1/2020 edition


  • We encourage our worship ministry to make in person worship as similar to at home worship as possible.
  • We encourage our worship ministry to consider who may be missed by in person and online offerings and provide coverage for the whole congregation as much as possible, perhaps through DVD’s or mailed materials.
  • We will not receive an offering, instead providing a receptacle in the rear of the worship space.
  • Congregants are encouraged to print bulletin materials at home, but a limited number will be available to pick up in the rear of the worship space. Printed materials will not be handed out.
  • To assist with social distancing, every other bench in the sanctuary will be unavailable. We will encourage family groups/extended family groups to sit together to ensure that we maximize capacity.


  • The decision to meet outside or inside is left up to Ministry Team as of September 20, 2020.
  • Ministry Team no longer needs to run plans by Church Board for approval but are encouraged to keep Church Board informed.
  • Masks covering mouth and nose are required for indoor activities. We wear masks out of love and respect for our fellow congregants.  When someone is presenting to a group from a distance of more than 20’ they may remove their mask while they are speaking.
  • Masks are recommended for outdoor activities.
  • The names of everyone present will be recorded (including visitors names and contact info).
  • Promote six feet of distance between anyone not of the same household.
  • We will not have indoor singing but may incorporate socially distanced outdoor singing (households separated by 20’).
  • Limit bathroom use to one person (or parent/child) at a time, self-monitoring, and each person using provided wipes to sanitize all touch points prior to use.
  • Hand sanitizer is to be available for all activities and masks are to be available for indoor activities.
  • Require people to stay home if they are sick.
  • Require anyone who contracts COVID-19 who was at an in person church activity to report it to Nathan immediately after diagnosis.
  • No buffet style meals are permitted. Use of the kitchen is allowed.
  • The nursery will be available for use but will not be staffed.
  • Interior entrance doors will be propped open (rest rooms/sanctuary/foyer).
  • Exterior doors will either be propped open prior to and after activities or opened by one individual per door.



  • Begin printing bulletins but still encourage congregants to bring their own.
  • Removed the restriction on duration and group size for indoor activities.
  • Added guideline for sanctuary to make every other bench unavailable.
  • We removed youth specific guidelines. Activities are at the discretion of the Minister of Youth and Young Adults as long as they follow the guidelines for all church sponsored in person activities.
  • More freedom for Ministry Team to plan and make decisions without Church Board approval.
  • Chairs and tables may be used inside the church building. Picnic tables may be used outside as long as they are returned to their place and do not hinder outdoor worship times.
  • The nursery is now available for use but will not be staffed.